Terms & COnditions

Terms & Conditions

1. General

1.1. Hallstatt PEB GmbH, FN 329192 g (hereinafter: PEB) operates an Internet portal on the website www.hallstatt-parking.com, which is intended to regulate tourist bus traffic in the town of Hallstatt. Due to the decision of the local council.

the delivery or pick-up of guests for the implementation of tours, tours etc. in Hallstatt is only possible to a limited extent on the designated terminal.

1.2. Via the booking portal for bus companies (hereinafter referred to as bus companies), which is accessible on the www.hallstatt-parking.com website, PEB offers the possibility to purchase tickets that authorize the buyer to park at the bus terminal and let guests embark/disembark.

2. Scope

2.1. These terms and conditions apply to all contracts between the Hallstatt PEB GmbH and the bus companies, which are concluded via the PEB booking portal at www.hallstattparking.com.

2.2. Conflicting general terms and conditions of the bus company do not apply.

2.3. By registering in the system and / or acquiring an access authorization or an access ticket on the website www.hallstatt-parking.com, the bus company fully agrees to these terms and conditions.

3. Registration and ordering process

3.1. The booking portal on the website www.hallstatt-parking.com does not constitute a binding offer to conclude a purchase contract, but only gives the bus company the possibility to purchase an access authorization or an access ticket without obligation.

3.2. To use the booking portal on the website www.hallstatt-parking.com, the bus company has to be registered in the system. The bus company provides the necessary data to Hallstatt PEB GmbH and guarantees that the data it provides, in particular that relating to its commercial and independent activity, is complete and correct.

3.3. After the registration has been completed, Hallstatt PEB GmbH offers the bus company the opportunity to make and view bookings, changes, cancellations, etc. in the customer portal. The booking process is divided into the entry of information by the bus company in the form of a booking with slot selection entry (date, time) and slot selection exit, with the exit time window (exit slot) at least 2:20 h after entry -time. After selecting the date, the user is shown an overview of the available slots on the selected day and can choose from them. It is required to enter an entry slot and an exit slot. Subsequently, entry slots, exit slots and the parking space are allocated, on which the bus company can park the bus between the entry slot and the exit slot. The shopping cart is then checked and the means of payment selected. Before the payment process, the terms and conditions and data protection declaration of Halltatt PEB GmbH are confirmed, followed by the completion of the payment process.

3.4. On the basis of the day of arrival to be entered by the bus company, the bus company is given an overview of the available slots from which it is possible to make a selection based on available capacity.

3.5. The selected slots are placed in the shopping cart. The bus company can use the corresponding button to access the shopping cart and make changes there at any time.

After accessing the "pay now" page, the bus company is shown the selected products, the e-mail address and the total costs including the applicable sales tax, and the bus company is asked to enter the data for the payment process. Payment can only be made using the following payment methods:

-  Credit card

The bus company is automatically redirected to the secure payment form of the payment provider. This process is carried out exclusively by the payment provider, so that additional terms and conditions of the payment provider may apply, over which Hallstatt PEB GmbH has no influence.

By submitting the order using the corresponding button, the bus company makes a binding offer to purchase the products stored in the “shopping cart” against payment.

3.6. As soon as PEB has received confirmation from the payment provider that the payment has been successfully carried out, an invoice, an autogenerated ticket via the entry slot, exit slot and allocation to parking lot P 3 (bus parking lot) will be emailed email address specified by the customer in the course of the registration process.

3.7. After completing the order process, changes to the entry slots and exit slots are only possible to a limited extent and taking into account the free availabilities until 5:00 p.m. on the previous day in the customer portal. A reduction of the booked slots is possible at any time by cancelling the order, resulting in a 100% refund if the order is cancelled more than 30 days before the booked entry slot, and a 50% refund if the order is cancelled more than 30 days before the booked entry slot. An increase in the slots is no longer possible after concluding the booking and requires a new booking process.

4. Access authorization and access ticket

4.1. The access authorization to the terminal contains a QR code, GPS coordinates of the parking lot P3, a street map section as well as a consecutive number, a validity date and information about the entry and exit slot. It authorizes the bus company to use the access / departure terminal to bring and collect guests for tours, tours, etc.

4.2. When entering the entry slot, the bus company receives a ticket with which it can enter parking lot P3, on which the bus can be parked for the period between the entry slot and the exit slot.

4.3. When entering the terminal, the bus company or its bus driver must present the access authorization and the check is carried out by a scan of the QR code by the on-site inspectors. Access to the terminal outside the assigned slots due to delay is possible depending on available capacities; To prevent disruptions to ongoing operations, a reclassification can be carried out depending on available capacities.

However, the bus company is not entitled to access if the delay is not due to force majeure. If the booked entry slot or exit slot is accessed, but the time window is exceeded (e.g. because passengers are missing), the organs on site may exceed the 20-minute slot in exceptional cases, as long as it is due to the load is possible. If a bus enters during the time window booked by it, however, the bus company that exceeds the time window is obliged to leave the terminal immediately.

Access to the terminal with invalid or non-existent access authorization (access ticket) is not permitted.

4.4. The bus company or its bus driver must show the ticket for parking lot P3 when accessing the assigned parking lot.

5. Prices and retention of title

5.1. All prices stated on the website www.hallstattparking.com include the legal sales tax.

5.2. All goods remain the property of PEB until full payment has been made.

6. Warranty and compensation

6.1. The bus company has to check defects of the purchased products in accordance with § 377 UGB and to report any defects immediately.

6.2. The PEB GmbH is only liable for damage if the intentional or grossly negligent cause can be proven, within the framework of the statutory provisions; this does not apply to damage from injury to life or health. Liability for indirect damage, lost profit or positive breach of contract is excluded in any case

7. Data protection

PEB will only use the personal data it has been given for the agreed service provision and will not pass them on to third parties. The data protection declaration applies to the disclosure of this personal data.

8. Final provisions

8.1. The ineffectiveness of individual provisions of these general terms and conditions does not affect the validity of the other provisions.

8.2. Austrian law applies, with the exclusion of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods and the reference norms of private international law, as agreed.

8.3. The place of jurisdiction for any disputes is the court of the Bad Ischl.